Convention Agenda

Multiple District 8
90th Annual Lions State Convention
April 19, 20, and 21, 2013
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kenner, Louisiana


Program of Events
Friday April 19, 2013
7:00 AM Golf Tournament at Chateau Golf and Country Club, Kenner, La- Tee Time: 7:30AM

2-5 PM Registration at Crowne Plaza Hotel- (including Banquet Table selection by clubs)

6:30 PM Hospitality Room opens – Hotel Ballroom

10:30 PM Hospitality Room closes

Saturday, April 20, 2013 – Crowne Plaza Hotel
8 AM Registration continues until 3PM –

1st Business Session
Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom
Moderator: District Governor 8-O, Jeff Robinson

8:00 AM Call to Order DG 8-O, Jeff Robinson
Invocation PDG Ethel Robin
Pledge 1st VDG William Arceneaux

8:05 AM Introduction of Head Table DG 8-O, Jeff Robinson
Introduction of Welcoming Official CC Elliott Bauman

8:05 AM Official Welcome by the Honorable Mayor of Kenner Mike Yenni

8:10 AM Response by Moderator DG 8-O, Jeff Robinson

8:10 AM Report of Rules Committee IPDG Earl Pellegrin

8:15 AM Preliminary Report Registration PDG Anthony Fregosi

8:20 AM State of District Reports:
8-L Governor Dick Mosher
8-I Governor James Ballard
8-0 Governor Jeff Robinson
8-N Governor PCC Lambert Ratard
8-S Governor Cherie Foret

8:45 AM DRAW 1’s Delta Lions Club

8:50 AM Louisiana Lions Camp
PDG Anthony Fregosi President
Lion Raymond E. Cecil, III Executive Director

9:05 AM La Lions Eye Foundation
Lion Sharon Williams President
Lion Chris Carlone Executive Director

9:20 AM Cub Sight Program Lion Jeff Robinson, State Coordinator

9:30 AM DRAW 1’s Delta Lions Club

9:35 AM- Comments by International Guest PID Robert Moore

9:45 AM Announcements and Recess

10:00 AM-11:00 Informational class – Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom-
Technology Information- “Taking Lions into the Future”
a. Moderator DG-8- Cherie Foret
b. Presenter: Lion Shawn Foret


Saturday April 20, 2012
Moderator: District Governor 8-I, James Ballard

11:50 AM Doors open Hotel Ballroom

12:00 Noon Session called back to Order DG 8-I James Ballard
12:05 PM Introduction of Head Table DG 8-I James Ballard
Lunch Served
12:30 PM Introduction of Guest Speaker Lion Lance Harwell
Guest Speaker Leah Katherine Saal, Ed.S.
1:00 PM Response DG 8-I Moderator, James Ballard
1:20 PM Draw 1’s Delta Lions Club
1:25 PM Announcements & Recess


Saturday April 20, 2012
Afternoon program
Hotel Ballroom

Second Business Session
Moderator: District Governor 8-N, PCC Lambert Ratard

1:45 PM Session called back to order DG 8-N Lambert Ratard

1:48 PM Presentation of Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments PDG Anthony Fregosi

2: 00PM LCIF PDG Bob Ebberman

2:15 PM Invitation to the 2013 International Convention PCC/DG Lambert Ratard

2:20 PM Invitation to USA/Canada Forum DG Jeff Robinson

2:25 PM Invitation to 2014 MD8 State Convention PDG/1stVDG Bob Fitzgerald

2:30 PM Membership- May Annual Celebration PDG Bill Simon

2:45 PM Draw 1’s Delta Lions Club

2:50 PM Nominations & Seconding: Lion Lance Harwell
8-L PCC Don Brown
8-I PDG/2nd VDG Robert Hollingsworth
8-0 PDG Lucien Marks
8-N Lion Steve Timmins
8-S Lion Lance Harwell, Chairperson

3:20 PM Draw 1’s Delta Lions Club

3:25 PM Drawing of Statewide Cash Prize Raffle to benefit both state projects.

3:30 PM Announcements and Recess for District Caucuses

3:00 PM Voter Registration closes

5:45 PM Louisiana Past District Governors Association Reception- 2nd floor Prestige Lounge-
(Follow signs on the first floor)


Saturday April 20, 2013

Moderator: District Governor 8-S-Melissa Cherie Foret

6:30 PM Doors open—Hotel Ballroom

6:45 PM Procession to Head Tables Master Ceremony PDG Bob Ebberman

7:00 PM Call to Order DG Melissa Cherie Foret
Invocation 1st VDG Mario Zeron

Presentation of Flag by Paul E. Boyd- Detachment Marine Corps League
Pledge 2nd VDG Maranda Trahan

Dinner Served

8:00 PM Dedication of the Convention
Introduction of Guest Speaker PID Robert Eichhorn
Guest Speaker: PID Robert Moore
Response– DG 8-S, Melissa Cherie Foret

8:45PM Special Presentation DG 8-S, Melissa Cherie Foret
President LLLCC PDG Anthony Fregosi
President LLEF Lion Sharon Williams

8:55 PM Announcements
Draw 1’s Delta Lions Club

9:00 PM Benediction– PDG Leo White


Sunday April 21, 2013
Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom

6:30 AM Voting Booths Open- Harry Lee Room
8:00 AM Voting Booths Close

Moderator – District Governor 8-L, Richard Mosher

7:00 AM Doors open for Breakfast

7:30 AM Call to order DG 8-L Richard Mosher
Invocation 1st VDG Scott Harkey
Pledge of Allegiance Lion Pat Mosher

7:35 AM Introduction of Head Table Moderator DG 8-L, Richard Mosher

7:40 AM Guest Speaker “The Amazing Dr. Z.” -Leonard A. Johnson-

8:30 AM Voting closes

8:40 AM Breakfast Session Closes

Memorial Service
9:00 AM –9:45 AM Necrology Service PDG Bob Ebberman, Chairman
PDG Leo White, PCC Kenny Molony
Lion Audrey Brown, Lion Dot Rogers

Final Business Session
10:00 AM Call back to order DG 8-L, Richard Mosher

10:05 AM Final Report on Registration PDG Anthony Fregosi

10:15 AM Final Remarks by International Guest, PID Robert Moore

10:20 AM Voting Results Lion Keith Williams

10:25 AM Introduction by DG Moderator
Newly elected LLEF Trustees
Newly Elected 2nd Vice District Governors and Spouses
Newly Elected 1st Vice District Governors and Spouses
Newly Elected District Governors and Spouses
Comments by District Governors Elect

10:45 AM Introduction of 2013 MD8 Lions State Convention Committee by PDG James Caruso,
General Chairman

10:50 AM Drawings Raffles / Draw 1’s
Grand prize drawing

11:00 AM Adjournment until 2014 Annual State Convention in District 8-I